Atorina Adam


En ambivalens rätt eller fel
Interaktivt Performance/ workshop om mellanförskap


For the past years in-betweenness in art - has been the main focus in my work, aspiring to find a balance in my worlds, to find a place. No matter who we are, where we come from, we may all have an ambivalence in our identity. I want to bring forth the complexity in the conversation about the different worlds that meet in a person, especially in a home with several cultures. It's an interactive performance-based artwork where the collective asks questions to the visitor. This would catalyze space for conversation about the ambivalence of a person who experiences in-betweenness. It is about the visitors letting go of control and entering a world where someone else decides the identity of the superior.

Atorina Adam
Wasim Harwill
Juan José Iragorri