Didde Borup Larsen

Glitchy and Tender

Didde Borup Larsen (b.1997, they/them) graduated with their BFA at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2022. Through performative multi-media, they tell tales of reconstructive role-play entangled within BDSM culture, sensitive robotics, and care for otherness. With curious and playful alternatives for futuristic narratives, they strive towards dismantling and regenerating history cross-species.

In their performance at “Affirmative Cabaret,” they use live chroma key to moult into glitches. Ecdysis is a vulnerable transformation as their heart is highly exposed so they call for love and safety through their communication form of singing ethereal, high-pitched lullabies.

Instagram: @lillebittedidde  Photo: Andreas Aicka Thomsen